Good news.  We have just launched our first coffee app.

**Learn stunning coffee art from the leading coffee app in the world today!**

Suited to the home barista, the commercial barista or anyone simply interested in coffee, this app contains actual movies of the three main different coffee art techniques: free pouring, etching and fudge art!

As a bonus, it also contains movies and accompanying commentary on making all the coffees on a coffee menu!

You can also photograph your coffee art and share it to facebook, twitter and email.

Learn How To Create:

* Fudge Art: Three Fudge Lines, Rosetta and Fudge, Fudge Waves, Fudge Swirling Flower, Fudge Spiral, Spiraling Hearts, Fudge Sun Flower, Fudge Flower and Hearts, Fish in Pond

* Etching Designs: Heart, Fireworks, Swirling Flower, Sun Flower, Four Point Flower, Fast Flower, Coffee Cup, Chasing Hearts, Three Stripes, Swirling Hearts and Spiraling Hearts.

* impressive Free Pours plus

* all the coffees on a coffee menu: Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Flat White, Caffee Mocha, Espresso/Short Black, Long Black, Ristretto, Doppio, Short Macchiato, Long Macchiato, Hot Chocolate, Vienna, Streamer, Babycino, Affagato and many more!

Visit Our Website at for a full demonstration or click below to go straight to the apple app store:

(Produced by Barista Brothers Matthew Gee and David Gee who created the world’s first live coffee art class)

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