We went and saw Brooks and Dunn in Sydney last night with our brother.Country music is huge in the US but possibly not as big here.  These stars in the US attract huge crowds to mega stadiums.  We can understand why they do not tour here often as they actually loose money spending time here playing to smaller crowds.  So thanks guys!

If you did not wear jeans and boots you would have been out of place.  We knew the drill as we spent some of our youth in a rural town.  Yes, we have seen it all – B&S Balls (Bachelors & Spinsters), utes, circle work in paddocks and Bundy & Rum.  The list goes on.

We got our tickets from our brother and his wife for Christmas.  We had been listening to Country Town (their new album) on the lead up to the night.  We had not been huge fans but definitely left fans.  Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn seemed to love being in Australia and were very entertaining.  Believe, God Must be Busy, Maria and Our Town were our agreed favourites.No coffee last night – just beer, brothers and good times. 

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