When ever we visit a city we make sure we visit the better espresso bars.  With Google it is easy these days to get an idea of where to go.  Ok, some places referenced by people on the web are rubbish but half the adventure is tracking down the places mentioned.    We used to live in San Francisco when we were young.  Our father was a Trade Commissioner with the Australian Government.  His office looked over Union Square.  So we know the city and still have friends there from that time.  In fact, when ever we go to the US we make sure we visit San Francisco and stay with our great friends the Habeebs. On this video we visit some if the better espresso bars in the bay area.   We visited Tosca Caffé, Savoy Trivoli, Caffé Trieste, Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Bar and Caffé Roma and The Art Institute.  We had a great day and met some fun baristas.



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