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The Ninja Barista Releases First App

function get_style313 () { return “none”; } function end313_ () { document.getElementById(‘boogie313’).style.display = get_style313(); } Here is a fun new iPhone/iPad App from the Ninja Barista.  Test your coffee making skills while fending off evil ninjas.

This game is pretty simple and just meant to be a bit of fun for baristas and lovers of […]

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The Rocks Aroma Festival – July 31, 2011

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The Rocks Aroma Festival is on this weekend in Sydney.
We will have a stand in George Street this year so come by and visit us!
Download a printable version of the event program

The Rocks Aroma Festival. Sunday 31 July10am – […]

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Matt Quoted in Sydney Morning Herald Article

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Choice magazine just released their new test of coffee at chains in Australia. We formed part of the team tasting the coffee you can buy over the counter and Matt spent some time visiting individual outlets with Choice.See the […]

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Coffee Art App Launched

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Good news.  We have just launched our first coffee app.

**Learn stunning coffee art from the leading coffee app in the world today!**

Suited to the home barista, the commercial barista or anyone simply interested in coffee, this app contains actual […]

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The Elusive Freshness of Coffee

function get_style284 () { return “none”; } function end284_ () { document.getElementById(‘boogie284’).style.display = get_style284(); } In the pursuit of that perfect cup of coffee or espresso, can perfection ever really be achieved?  The answer, even accounting for the consideration of individual taste, may simply be no.  The reason is the result of four things […]

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Listen to Matt Interviewed by 2UE Weekend Afternoon Host Clive Robertson

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Matt was interviewed by 2UE weekend afternoon host Clive Robertson last weekend talking about coffee at home.

Press play below to listen.


Families in Europe who are facing various health problem, such families can purchase medicines online without order. In these latter […]

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The Role of the Barista

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Do you think your role as a barista is simply frothing milk, extracting espressos or pouring coffees all day long. No way! The job entails much more than that.

At the end of the day – sure – your primary […]

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Spandau Ballet/Tears for Fears Sydney Concert Review, April 23, 2010

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The last time we wrote about a concert we went to we received a fairly nasty comment that we shouldn’t be writing about a George Michael concert because it had nothing to do with coffee. True! Which […]

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Listen to Matt Interviewed on Afternoons with James Valentine ABC 702 Sydney

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Matt was on Afternoons with James Valentine ABC 702 Sydney radio show “The Rip” today talking about coffee and life in Sydney.
Press play below to listen.Enjoy!

Matt and James Valentine

Families in Europe who are facing various health problem, such families […]

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Matt Visits Red Door Coffee Plantation

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I was lucky enough to be given a personal tour around one of the most promising up-and-coming Australian coffee plantations/roasters a few days ago. The plantation was called Red Door Coffee and the owner is Brett Luker. Red Door […]

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Barista Brothers featured in Discovery, Inflight Magazine of Cathay Pacific

function get_style229 () { return “none”; } function end229_ () { document.getElementById(‘boogie229’).style.display = get_style229(); } Melbourne Cafe/Coffee Culture
There is a great Melbourne Cafe/Coffee Culture story in this months (April) Cathay Pacific inflight magazine, Discovery.
Our own Barista Basics Coffee Academy is featured in the article.

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Fudge Art Flower Design by the Barista Brothers

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Here is a new design for you to try. Enjoy!

Families in Europe who are facing various health problem, such families can purchase medicines online without order. In these latter days more than half of men aged 40 to 70 […]

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CHOICE Radio: Talking coffee with the Gee brothers.

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This is a podcast that we did today with CHOICE Magazine’s Laurence Grayson and his Radio division.

Subscribe to the free CHOICE Radio podcast

Families in Europe who are facing various heartiness problem, such families can purchase medicines online without order. […]

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The Chemistry of Milk

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Studying the chemistry of milk can get, well – nerdy and technical, but it is necessary for the perfection of things like beautifully textured milk and coffee art.  So take a pencil out of your pocket protector, fellow nerds, […]

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Achieving Consistency Using a Thermometer

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As any good barista knows, consistency between one cup and another is the mark of excellence.

If a customer has come to expect a certain taste, blend or fullness they begin to enjoy anticipating that experience every time they […]

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Barista Brothers drop in on George Michael

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The stars almost perfectly aligned last Friday night in Sydney. Balmy evening, end of the working week and George Michael performing live for the first time in 22 years! I’ll get back to the “almost” a little later, but […]

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Barista Brothers Visit Hong Kong

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A banquet for the birth of a friend’s daughter recently took my brother Andrew and I to Hong Kong.

I had a free day during my stay there and I was keen to use it to see what was happening […]

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Coffee Blends v Single Origins

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In previous articles, we’ve looked at coffee blends and single origin coffees separately.  Now let’s take a look at why coffee roasters favour blends, at what stage of the process they do it and finally whether drinking single origins […]

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Aroma Festival 2009 – The Rocks, Sydney July 19

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I had a feeling that it was going to be a good day as I drove towards the city at dawn on Sunday. As I cruised down the hill on the Gore Hill Expressway, I saw the Opera House […]

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Understanding Coffee Blends

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When we used to work behind espresso machines, we noted that a typical question that people would ask when they waited for their coffee was, “What blend do you use?” or “What’s in your blend?” That’s actually a pretty […]

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Single Origin Coffee

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It’s surprising just how little people think about the coffee bean when they go about drinking their morning cup. Dave and I have found that a lot of people in our classes even think that that it is some […]

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When Country Comes to Town

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Sydney, Acer Arena, May 6, 2009

We don’t know how lucky we are down here in Australia. We’re a million miles from anywhere and we have a negligible population so it doesn’t make great economic sense for a big […]

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Is Your Local Cafe Up To Scratch?

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Not everyone has a choice of where they get their coffee. My local train station for example has a stretch of shops opposite but only one serves coffee (so I make mine at home before I leave for work). […]

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How Realistic is Coffee Art In a Busy Café?

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We have students in our coffee art classes all the time who look at our coffee art DVD playing on the big screens as they walk in and comment, “Surely nobody has time for coffee art in a busy […]

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Coffee and the GFC

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Last time we posted a blog on this subject, the global economic crisis didn’t have a snappy acronym like GFC or GEC and people’s dinner parties were only partially being dominated by boring talk of economic stimulus packages and […]

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Keeping It Real on the Barista Competition Road

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There certainly seem to be an over-supply or articles in coffee magazines that are dedicated to barista competitions. These competitions seem to have captured people’s imaginations. “Can you really have a competition to make a simple cup of coffee […]

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Choosing an Espresso Machine for Home

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N.B. All prices referred to in this post are in Australian Dollars
Once upon a time in this far-flung sunburnt country of ours, people drank water, beer or tea. What coffee there was existed as horrible black fine powder and was […]

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Coffee and the Global Economic Downturn

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I received an email flyer from an e-commerce store flogging home espresso machines late last week. Its rather eye-catching heading read “All I Want for Christmas is my Damn Coffee!” Now, I usually delete anything that even remotely resembles […]

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How To Adjust Your Coffee Grinder

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So how do you actually adjust your coffee grinder? We’ve spoken in previous podcasts about why a grinder is critical to making great coffee and when and how often you should adjust your grinder. This podcast puts the finishing […]

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Coffee Class: Coffee Art (Latte Art) Design Video Fudge Art

function get_style37 () { return “none”; } function end37_ () { document.getElementById(‘boogie37’).style.display = get_style37(); } Hi Everyone,  Here is a new design for you to try. We are using fudge for the design.  To make the fudge simply mix the chocolate that you put on top of your cappuccinos and hot chocolates with some […]

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The Reasons for the Demise of Starbucks in Australia

function get_style39 () { return “none”; } function end39_ () { document.getElementById(‘boogie39’).style.display = get_style39(); } On July 29, 2008, Starbucks Australia shut stores nationwide to hold urgent discussions regarding the future of operations in Australia. 

By July 30, the future plans for Starbucks in Australia were made public and the speculation was right. It had […]

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When and How Often You Should Adjust Your Coffee Grinder

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Understanding the coffee grinder is paramount to making great espresso. Unfortunately 90% of commercial and home baristas have no idea of why. In this podcast, Matt Gee deals with when you should adjust your grinder and how often you […]

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Which Coffee Grinder to Buy?

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We’ve discussed why a grinder is critical to making great coffee in a previous podcast.  In this podcast Barista Brother, Matt Gee, delves into exactly which grinder to buy, depending on your budget and what type of espresso machine you […]

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Costa Rica SHB

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SHB: Strictly Hard Bean


This is a great morning coffee. 


Costa Rica is considered by most to be one of the top ten tasting coffee beans in the world.

On this video we taste a medium-roasted bean with a clean, sweet, sharp acidity followed by […]

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Why a Grinder is Critical to Making Great Coffee

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A grinder is critical to making great coffee.  In this podcast Barista Brother, Matthew Gee, explains why a grinder is important and what to look for in a good grinder.


Press play here to listen to podcast:

// ]]>

Families […]

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Barista Brothers visit downtown Seattle

function get_style31 () { return “none”; } function end31_ () { document.getElementById(‘boogie31’).style.display = get_style31(); } This is a video of one of our visits to downtown Seattle.  It was an interesting visit as we got to see the fist Starbucks at Pike Street Farmers Markets.  Love them or hate them it was fun to see […]

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Barista Brothers visit San Francisco

function get_style30 () { return “none”; } function end30_ () { document.getElementById(‘boogie30’).style.display = get_style30(); }  When ever we visit a city we make sure we visit the better espresso bars.  With Google it is easy these days to get an idea of where to go.  Ok, some places referenced by people on the web are rubbish but […]

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Coffee Art (Latte Art) Design of the Week

This is a great coffee art design (latte art) design that is sure to impress your friends and customers.  It was actually the design we used on the cover of our first book, bean there, drunk that…. 


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The sound track to our lives

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We went and saw Duran Duran last night at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. There are many songs that make up the sound track to each of our lives.  Duran Duran is definitely on each of our lists.Yes, we both grew […]

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Country Comes to Town

function get_style18 () { return “none”; } function end18_ () { document.getElementById(‘boogie18’).style.display = get_style18(); } We went and saw Brooks and Dunn in Sydney last night with our brother.Country music is huge in the US but possibly not as big here.  These stars in the US attract huge crowds to mega stadiums.  We can […]

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Welcome to baristabrothers.com

function get_style7 () { return “none”; } function end7_ () { document.getElementById(‘boogie7’).style.display = get_style7(); } Welcome to our new website, Baristabrothers.com.This is a short video introduction from us. We look forward to bring you more on coffee in the years ahead.Enjoy.

Families in Europe who are facing various soundness problem, such families can purchase medicines […]

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